Metaltecnica designs and manufactures “turnkey” machines and systems for aluminium foundries and brass foundries, both in gravity and low pressure.

Thanks to the passion, wise entrepreneurship and continuous investments in technology and production diversification, we have been expanding since 1995 and today we are recognized as a reference reality on the international market for non ferrous gravity and low pressure foundry plants.

We have managed with heart and commitment to establish ourselves on the market as a reliable, flexible and competitive partner. Our moral imperative is indeed “satisfaction and absolute proximity to the customer”. Each customer immediately becomes unique, every single project is studied in a careful and scrupulous way. Thanks to the implementation of the best technologies and the best casting engineering on the market, as well as the philosophy of the highest quality of the final product shared by all the collaborators, strong and lasting business partnerships have been established over the years.

Because each of our customers has expectations, in terms of quality, service, punctuality, and the absolute respect for these needs is the key to our success.

In addition to the classic gravity casting machines, we manufacture special and dedicated machines according to the customer’s needs. The strength of Metaltecnica – in addition to the classic ones for manual use – is the design and construction of automatic casting cells – in various solutions and sizes, with linear or carousel layout – complete with automation through articulated robots and special manipulators for pouring and unloading of the machines, as well as for the treatment of the mould such as blowing and talc coating. We also produce pre-finishing cells such as trimming machines, and sprue or riser cutting machines for the castings.
This is how our customers’ casting plants see life, combining the best performance in terms of functionality and reliability with perfect adaptation to the individual and specific production needs of each plant.

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impianti completi colata metalli non ferrosi
Gravity and low pressure die casting

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Gravity casting machines and robotic cells for brass and copper alloys
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