Metaltecnica is able to carry out complete overhauling and modernisation of casting machines and plants in the gravity foundry sector, restoring the initial operating conditions, with the disassembly of all machine parts, the replacement of those subject to wear and the subsequent calibration and testing.
We fix problems related to the safety of systems that are no longer up to standard, by making them compliant with the International Directives in force.
Through the retrofitting activity of gravity foundry machines it is possible not only to renovate the machines to restore the initial performance, but also to apply the technological innovations present on more recent products or modify the functionality of the machine to meet the changing production needs of the customer.
Thanks to the experience we have gained, we deeply know the characteristics, the differences and the peculiarities of the gravity casting machines of the main manufacturers on the market. For this reason, a machine overhauled by Metaltecnica is equal to a new machine in terms of reliability and functionality.

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