Tailor-made systems for gravity and low pressure foundry

Metaltecnica designs and manufactures "turnkey" machines and systems for aluminium foundries and brass foundries, both in gravity and low pressure.

Machines and plants for aluminium gravity die casting

We develop automatic systems for the casting of aluminuim alloys in gravity with hydraulic or electric drive, and with the possibility of creating the single machine for manual casting, as well as the fully robotic cell.

Machines and plants for gravity casting and bronze and brass uphill casting

Also in the brass sector we manufacture automatic gravity casting systems, whatever the size of the castings, and with the possibility of creating the single standard machine as well as the fully robotic cell.

Machines and plants for low pressure bronze and brass foundry

In the brass sector we also manufacture automatic low pressure casting systems, with the possibility of creating the single standard machine as well as the fully robotic cell.

Die gravity casting cells

Complete with automation through articulated robots and special manipulators for pouring and unloading of the machines, as well as for the treatment of the mould such as blowing and talc coating.

Casting machines for gravity foundry

The machines can be made with both hydraulic and fully electric drives. Each axis can be equipped with position control systems.

Low pressure casting machines

Automatic casting systems in low pressure with a wide range from the single standard machine for manual casting, up to the fully robotic plants.
"Turnkey" machines and systems since 1995

Tailor-made solutions

Thanks to the passion, wise entrepreneurship and continuous investments in technology and production diversification, we have been expanding since 1995 and today we are recognized as a reference reality on the international market for non ferrous gravity and low pressure foundry plants.
certificazione iso 9001

Company with DNV certified quality management system ISO 9001

revisione macchinari fonderia
Machines overhauled and compliant with International directives

Overhauling and modernization

Metaltecnica is able to carry out complete overhauling of machines and plants in the gravity foundry field, restoring the initial operating conditions, with the disassembly of all machine parts, the replacement of those subject to wear and the subsequent calibration and testing.
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GIFA 2019
GIFA 2019
Metaltecnica will be present at the fourteenth edition of GIFA, the International Foundry Fair. The event will be held from 25 to 29 June 2019, at the Messe Düsseldorf exhibition center.
Gravity and low pressure foundry plants

Tailor-made plants for your manufacturing needs

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