BO-ROTATING 3 bronze gravity casting machine, suitable for the production of parts in gravity casting of non-ferrous alloys, specifically crowns for gearboxes.
Composed of: fixed base, 0-180 ° rotating table, 2 head holder groups, 1 mobile head, 1 fixed head, mould holder tables with 0-180 ° rotation with proportional logic, heads with 0-90° rotation for cooling / graphitising mould, mould cooling / graphitising tank complete with mixers, upper horizontal and vertical movable male insertion carriage, electrical management system, hydraulic control unit.
Use in work cell with interface with casting robot and unloading with articulated robot.

Additional information



Single head capacity

120 Kg


D 700 mm

Max opening between heads

900 mm

Moving head stroke

500 mm

Tables connections


Tables dimensions


Tables stroke